Garth And Lee

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About Us

Garth's Background

Garth resided with his family in beautiful Lake Echo, Nova Scotia before he was married. Born in Fredericton, New Brunswick on July 16, 1981 Garth and his family moved to Nova Scotia in 1991. They first moved to New Glasgow then to Lake Echo in 1992. Garth's Grandmother Norma Webber resides with his Uncle Peter and Aunt Barbara Webber in Saint John, New Brunswick. Nearby in Saint John are his cousin Lori and her husband Terry. Garth's father Gary and mother Nancy are both from St. Stephen, New Brunswick. His sister Amanda and brother Stephen were both born in Fredericton. The newest edition to their family is Toby, (short for Tobias) a small energetic Yorkshire Terrier who is still only a few months old. Garth was raised in a Christian home and has always been close to his family. His interests include computers, electronics, cars, and anything mechanical.

Garth graduated from Auburn High School in 1999 with honors where his sister Amanda currently attends. After high school Garth went on to McKenzie College and graduated with honors from the Interactive Multimedia program. Currently Garth works for IFS Financial Services Inc. He has a wide range of duties such as: Web Designer, Custom Software Programmer, Network Analyst, and more. Garth and his family all attend and are active at their church New Covenant Ministries in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Garth designed and updates the church website and is head of the Live Multimedia Team as well as helping with the live and recorded audio. The newest project he is a part of is the Television Committee that is in the process of setting up the church's television ministry to be on the air in the fall of 2003. This is an exciting project as Garth gets to be a part of spreading the Word of God across the nation on television as well as the internet.

Lee's Background

Born May 5th, 1984 in Halifax Nova Scotia, Lee Anne Conrad remained on the East Coast for nineteen years. She grew up in the small, yet scenic town of Lawrencetown, where she was raised with her younger brother Andrew by parents Gary and Deborah. They shared the hill with grandparents Earl and Joan Conrad, Aunt Sandra and Uncle Bruce Morash, and Cousin Melissa Lynn. From Sunday suppers to the sound of her grandfather out "just fooling around," family was and will continue to be one of the most important aspects of Lee’s life.

Apart from her father's side of the family, Lee was blessed with many aunts, uncles and cousins from her mother's side of the family. Her aunt Beverly and uncle Bill Montgomery currently live in Halifax, but spend many weekends throughout the year at their cottage on Porters Lake. Lee's aunt Wanda and Uncle Fred Soper reside on Darling's Island where they are surrounded by Children Greg, who is married with two children and living in Moncton and Jen, who is married with four children and living just outside of Saint John. Lee's uncle Dale and Aunt Judy Eastman live in Sussex, but travel throughout New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for business as well as to see family, especially children Chris, who is married and living in Moncton, and daughter Pam, who is engaged and also living on Porter's lake. Deborah's father, William Eastman who served in World War Two, currently resides at Melville Lodge nursing home. Lee has many fond memories of extended family gatherings.

Growing up in a Christian home and having been surrounded with the love of Christ from many family members and friends, Lee Anne too would come to know God as her personal Savior at the age of four. Her walk matured quickly and Lee Anne would become very strong and confident in what she believed. From bringing God into the classroom at school to teaching Sunday school at church Lee would impact many lives especially through her gift of music.

Lee Anne started music lessons at the age of four. After two months of group lessons and games Lee Anne knew early on she wanted to switch to private study. From competitions to exams, and teacher to teacher, Lee Anne would develop a love that never brought her true satisfaction until she made the choice to play music for God. At the age of 12 Lee Anne would become the pianist at her local church and begin to teach privately from her home. She continued her classical training and would complete her grade 9 RCM before graduating from high school. Through the years Lee Anne has played for many occasions ranging from weddings to funerals, Christmas concerts and plays, and she is met with many new and exciting opportunities on a regular basis.

Throughout her childhood, Lee Anne would pursue many interests outside of music. Lee Anne took dance lessons for six years, where she explored styles such as jazz and tap and would perform and compete on many occasions. She sang in her church’s children’s choir from a young age and was involved with cantatas and plays both within her church and school. Lee Anne would eventually take modeling and join an acting agency where she would take classes, seminars and play numerous characters in theater productions. She continues to do odd extra work for local film productions. During her later school years Lee Anne would participate in school exchanges from Newfoundland to the Yukon on which she would develop journalistic skills and address her love for different cultures. Lee Anne loved to learn and always kept herself busy but her most memorable childhood experiences involved her parents and her brother Andrew.

Only being a year younger, Andrew and Lee were always close. They participated in many of the same activities and shared many of the same friends. More than anything they loved being outside. Whether it meant waiting for Wooly to come home so they could ambush him with snowballs, or swimming in the swamp with Misty, they never grew tired of fresh air or a good game of army. Lee Anne and Andrew attended Atlantic View Elementary, Ross Road Jr. High and Cole Harbour High school from which Andrew is graduating this year. They swam a lot living by the ocean and eventually Andrew would take up surfing, which would add to his list of hobbies. Andrew loves to play guitar and has recently joined the military as a reservist and hopes to eventually get into the RCMP. After high school Andrew will be taking a corrections and policing course.

Currently Lee Anne Conrad has completed her first year Bachelor of Music at Dalhousie University and will return in the fall for her second year. She works full time at Air Liquide Canada during the summer and part time throughout the school year doing secretarial work. Lee Anne attends New Covenant Ministries with her family where she and her mom play on one of the praise and worship teams. Lee looks forward to the new stage in her life awaiting her and is excited to see what God has in store.

How We Met

Though Lee and I have known each other through church for three years, I first was acquainted to her through a friend. I would see Lee off and on at his house and at youth events but we didn't have a chance to talk much. Lee started coming out to youth group around Christmas 2002, but it wasn't until February that we really started talking. One night we decided we'd like to hang out more and made arrangements to go to a movie. Lee gave me her number and directions to her house including a street number (which turned out not to be there!) I lost her number and had no way to contact her (thankfully there weren't to many brown houses on a hill in Lawrencetown!) So, we went to a movie with Carolyn and Brandon and after we dropped them home Lee and I were able to talk on a more personal level. What impressed me the most was that we were able to talk about spiritual things and I knew without a doubt that she had the same hunger for God that I did.

I was amazed at how nice of a lady she was. I felt comfortable around her and didn't feel as though I had to be someone I wasn't. After that night we developed a very good friendship and both quickly fell in love. We were engaged on January 23, 2003- exactly 11 months after the first time we were out together. I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect; Lee is everything I dreamed of and everything I ever wanted in my wife. I trust her with everything and I've chosen to love her unconditionally for the rest of our lives. I know that God has placed her in my care and that He custom built her for me. Lee was my first "girlfriend" and I was her first "boyfriend" and we're both so thankful we didn't go through the hurt and pain of trying to find the right one; we waited, and God brought us together. What an awesome answer to prayer. I love you Lee and I am so thankful and happy that soon you're going to be my wife.

Garth Holmes
June 8, 2003

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